Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Setting Goals...and Limitations

I have noticed a common thread in several success and motivational articles. No matter what the message many of them hammer in the notion that you have to work really really hard for a really really long time.  I am an advocate for a strong work ethic, sticking to your dreams and paying your dues. I am also a strong believer in creating your own path which is only limited by your imagination.

I believe that what we create follows the prescription we give it including the degree of difficulty and time needed to succeed. If we tell ourselves, "This is going to take years to get off the ground," then it likely will. That is a stipulation we have set in the process of our creation. If we say it is going to be difficult, stressful, lonely, time consuming, take time away from family, we are going to have to make tremendous sacrifices then that is what will be.

Our lives experience ups and downs. We come to know our truths by not only experiencingwhat we are but also what we are not. No road is without curves and sharp turns, but why do we have to sell ourselves short?

What if we focus on the incredible possibilities instead of what may or may not make the process harder? What we focus on and speak of is what becomes our reality of the moment. Keeping that in mind, I want to create a path of adventure, excitement, progress, and ultimately success as I define it. What happens in between is ever changing and never set in stone. I chose to focus on my goals and be thankful for each stepping stone I pass.

I think that if we take a chance on trying something without putting emphasis on the limitations (personal or otherwise) we could see amazing results. Why not give it a try? You might find yourself surprised by the results.

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